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This  is a word from Pastor Timothy Burdick, Minister of Abilities for Friday Study Ministries:


While having a special need isn’t fun, too many of us use our disability as an excuse not to serve God. As a blind person, I know how tempting it is to not try and climb insurmountable obstacles. The truth is that it might take disabled people a little longer, and we might have to go about things a little bit differently, but so what. If God has called you to do something, then: you can do it!  He will make it so!

Please read 2 Kings 7:1-3 with me to see this: “Elisha said, ‘Hear the word of the Lord: ‘Tomorrow about this time a measure of fine flower shall be sold for a shekel, and two measures of barley for a shekel, at the gate of Samaria. So an officer on whose hand the king leaned answered the man of God, and said, ‘Look, if Jehovah would make windows in heaven, could this thing be?’ And he said, ‘In fact, you shall see it with your eyes, but you shall not eat of it.’ Now there were four leprous men at the entrance of the gate; and they said one to one another, ‘Why are we sitting here until we die?’

One day I woke up and asked myself the same question as these four men in the story did. When I did that, something rose up on the inside of me and I thought, No! I refuse to sit on the side lines! It hasn’t been easy, and in my ministry, I have to do things differently to accomplish the same goals as it takes for a sighted person. But the important thing I told myself is that I am to serve, but possibly not serve with the same methods that others use.

This story in 2nd Kings took place in the middle of a famine, not unlike the spiritual “famine” you might feel you are facing today. You may think to yourself: Yes I am depressed; I have a special need, and I can’t do what I feel that God is calling me to do. The truth is, my friend, that none of us can do what God is calling us to do. Like the officer in this account in 2nd Kings who was leaned upon by the king, we all need some one else to come along side of us.

Many times though, our response is just like that of the officer. We ask ourselves, Can God supply food in the middle of this famine in my life? So I ask you: Do you think He can supply the “food” that you need (whether it is physical or spiritual)? Note in this Bible account that the man would see the food, but he would not eat of it. If you don’t believe, the same thing might happen to you.  When God calls, BELIEVE and be willing to act.

Why not rather be like the four men in this story who had special needs, but who BELIEVED? God is challenging you today. Will you follow Him, or will you sit at the "gate" and die spiritually? If you need help, be like the captain and contact me for support. Thank you for reading this.

Pastor Timothy Howard Burdick

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