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This  is by Pastor Timothy Burdick, Minister of Abilities for Friday Study Ministries:


Jesus said in Matthew 10:39, “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.”

If you are facing any kind of loss today, the first thing that I want to tell you is that God’s heart aches for you. The same Jesus who cried over Jerusalem and the same Jesus who wept at Lazarus’s funeral, weeps with you.  There is no shame in feeling grief in loss and although the loss will always be painful, God wants to replace your anxiety with His peace.


We are taught by this world from day one to bury our feelings, but sweeping these feelings under the rug will only compound our problems. So, let’s let the acronym for the word “peace” help us expose them to the light.


The letter “P” in peace starts the words “pour” and “persevere.” Don’t be afraid to pour out your feelings to God and to others. Just like a child who skins his knee and cries out to his parent, God wants to hear about our hurts and disappointments. For while God knows about your pain, He wants to hear about it from your own lips.


Let someone else, someone trusted, share your burden. By sharing your pain with a trusted friend or counselor, you can often gain new insight into the situation. I realize however, that you may have taken both of these steps and still feel numb. If that is the case, please don’t give up. You just have to persevere, putting one foot in front of the other as you continue to ask God for His strength. It will come, for many times consistency in asking is the key. 


The “E” in “Peace” stands for “encouragement.” The best form of encouragement is often found in just being listened to. Encouragement also tells you that you are not going through this by yourself. Since we live in a very impersonal society, it is of immense value to have a friend walk beside you, for the same God who said that He wanted to carry your burdens, said that it wasn’t good for a person to be alone.


The “A” in “Peace” stands for “action.” Work through your feelings and don’t replace them, but at the same time, develop a giving lifestyle. Even if it is as simple as a smile, you never know how that smile might not only make another person’s day, but you will be blessed as well.


Finally, the letters “C” and “E” in “peace” stand for the word celebrate. Celebrate good memories you have in the name of Christ. Look back to those times of joy.  And especially, let everything you do honor Him.


Now that I have shared the above acronym with you, let me tell you how I try and honor Christ while grieving.


I am a hospital Chaplain, who is grieving the loss of my wife, Susan. She worked in and loved the hospital environment, and you can be assured that she is always in my heart.  As a Chaplain then, it is only natural for me to celebrate her life in this way.


But, you can also celebrate your particular loss in a similar fashion, as you find ways to live out positive memories. If you are serious about following these guidelines, you will find that gaining a new perspective can help you refocus your life. Actually, looking in a new way at the losses you face will help you regroup and go on about the business of living life more fully. 

Pastor Timothy

You can join a discussion/prayer/Bible study with Chaplain Timothy on the telephone each week on Tuesday evenings at 6 PM Arizona time for his Bible study, by dialing 1.218.936.7979 (US) and entering access code number 139535.

You can also telephone Pastor Timothy at 623-692-6472.  Leave a message and he will get back to you.

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