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This  is a word from Pastor Timothy Burdick, Minister of Abilities for the First Church on the Net:

He Guides Me

Note to readers: Pastor Timothy Burdick, the writer of this devotional, has been blind since birth. His wonderful guide dog leads him in all his steps, and his amazing God leads him in all his ways. The following is his viewpoint on Psalm 23:

Pastor Timothy said, ďI wrote this because the guidance of God is astounding, and in the text you will find my perspective on His guidance. I have written it to reflect my daily experience as a person who lacks human eyesight. I hope therefore, that it will be taken in the reverential manner I intended it to be" ---

The Lord is like my guide dog, for He leads me, and I shall not lack anything that is according to His best plan. I know I can trust Him with my life and that He is in control even when I donít feel it. I find His guidance refreshing and I do not stumble, even when walking on rocky paths and He leads me by pleasant streams of water. Rather than being frustrated, He refreshes me to the core of my being. For I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is guiding me along the right paths, and this glorifies His Name.

So even when I have to face hard times that are trying and they make me feel as though I am going to die, I know that I donít have to be afraid of evil overcoming me. For I know, Lord, that you are right there with me, and I hold the comforting vision of You guiding me with a white cane and guide dog. I can relax in the presence of those who once would have tripped me up for sport, for You protect me. You anoint me with healing and refreshing oil if I do fall. Your goodness and kindness overflows from my life. I am excited because I know that His mercy, kindness and inexpressible love will always pursue me, and I will dwell in His presence forever.

Thank you for reading this, Pastor Timothy Burdick.

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