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Book of Romans


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Especially for youth, those who are young at heart & for those who are new to the Lord

Commentary by Pastor Ron Beckham

The Epistle (Letter) of Paul to the Romans (Italians) in the City of Rome, Italy, written in 57 AD.  Paul was in Greece when he wrote this letter (Acts 18:23 to 21:14).  Paul was writing to a lot of Christians.  A historian named Tacitus said there were "an immense multitude" of them, which was making the Romans afraid.  The Romans began doing harm to the Christians in 64 AD, under their leader, "Caesar" Nero, but God was watching out for His people.  He loves you, as you will see in this Book.

Romans is especially important for youth (and for those new to the Lord) because it shows so much to us of Jesus Christ and the love of God.

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